Joseph E. Tierney V is the fifth consecutive Tierney to receive his degree from Marquette University. 112 years ago, Joseph E. Tierney, Sr. graduated from Marquette’s first-ever Law School class in 1911, and the rest is history. Following in his grandfather’s and his father’s footsteps came our very own Joseph E. Tierney, III, with a degree in Business Administration and graduated from Marquette’s Law School in 1966.

This compelling story involving generations of Tierney’s is at the forefront of our law firm’s lineage. Once again, congratulations to Joseph E. Tierney V.

In response to the article written by Marquette Today, Joseph Tierney III said, “Kay and I are very excited about the article.  It summarizes the history of our family in the law and at Marquette, from my grandfather, through my father and me, through to our sons, Joe and Martin.   More importantly, it also looks to the future with our grandson, Joe, on his way to Marquette Law School.  My particular thanks go to my sister, Mary Alice Dunn, who raised this with the university and assembled the information on which the article is based.”

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