Intellectual Property

At Meissner Tierney our attorneys provide expert and creative advice to clients on a wide variety of matters pertaining to intellectual property, including patents, trademarks, copyrights and trade secrets. We also have substantial experience in protecting and enforcing clients’ intellectual property rights, including handling infringement prosecutions and defenses and other litigation involving intellectual property.

Our attorneys regularly assist business clients in identifying, valuing and developing strategies and procedures for optimizing protection of the client’s intellectual property.  Our attorneys have substantial experience in negotiating and drafting intellectual property license, joint venture and other business agreements, as well as agreements involving the sale and/or assignment of intellectual property.

Although we do not prosecute patent applications, we work closely with our clients by analyzing available intellectual property protections and guiding the client toward the best way or ways to protect the clients’ proprietary interests. Our attorneys also provide a wide variety of services relating to trademarks and copyrights, and they have substantial experience in advising clients regarding trade secret matters.

Finally, we regularly advise clients in areas such as E-commerce matters, employee policies pertaining to electronic communications and social media, as well as matters pertaining to Internet domain name registration and dispute resolution.

Confidentiality/Non-Disclosure Agreements

Our attorneys have substantial experience in helping clients develop strategies for protecting against unauthorized disclosure of trade secrets, including the drafting and negotiation of confidentiality agreements with employees and other parties in joint ventures, acquisitions and other business transactions.

Intellectual Property Protection Strategies

Our attorneys work with business clients in identifying, valuing and developing strategies and procedures for optimizing protection of the client’s intellectual property by evaluating potential patent, copyright, trademark, trade secret and other protections in the context of the client’s particular situation and/or needs.  This includes identifying the right intellectual property regime (or regimes) and the right type of arrangement which will provide optimal protection to the client while ensuring that the client’s business objectives are met.

Internet Domain Name Registrations and Disputes

We advise clients on how to reduce legal exposure in a variety of related areas and understand the importance of registering an Internet domain name as a trademark (to preserve the company’s product or service mark).  The firm also works with clients in handling domain disputes and situations where the client’s trade name or trademark is infringed by another’s domain name.

Internet Privacy and Use Policies

Our attorneys are experienced in developing and drafting e-mail and other electronic communications policies concerning client computer networks and other technology systems.  We also draft policies clients pertaining social media use by employees.  The firm also advises clients regarding liability and business risk issues arising out of employees’ use of the client’s technology in the workplace and the client’s marketplace, with particular reference to issues such privacy, discrimination, confidentiality, obscenity, harassment and defamation.

Licensing and Distribution Agreements

Our attorneys are experienced in helping clients develop and implement strategies for maximizing the commercial value of intellectual property through licensing inventions, technology and intellectual property rights with respect thereto. Our attorneys will, in addition to draft agreements and negotiate settlements, work proactively with clients in dealing with potential problem areas and assist clients in conducting due diligence investigations with respect to various types of intellectual property in connection with joint venture and acquisition transactions. Our overarching goal in working with clients in such matters is to optimize benefits to the client and otherwise ensure that the client achieves its business objectives while providing the client with an appropriate degree of protection with respect to its valuable Intellectual Property assets.

Technology Transfers

Our attorneys are experienced with representing both licensors and licensees in developing, commercializing, and transferring technology, including the underlying patent, copyright, trademark and other intellectual property assets. We represent companies at all stages of growth, from established companies in the IT, financial services, and biotech industries to start-up software vendors, Internet presences, and web site developers. We help clients develop business plans, licensing models, and intellectual property portfolio strategies that meet short-term and long-term objectives. We also advise technology companies on a variety of “life cycle” issues, including formation, seed and venture capital, financing, private and public equity, mergers and acquisitions, real property acquisition and lease negotiation, tax planning, litigation, and compensation and employment matters.

Trademark and Copyright Registrations and Filings

Among the wide range of intellectual property legal services provided by the firm, our attorneys have substantial experience in applying for, clearing, and registering trademarks, service marks, and copyrights.  Our trademark and copyright services include:

  • Preparing applications for copyrights, and trademark registrations, prosecuting these applications through issuance by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office or U.S. Copyright Office, and maintaining such registrations in effect
  • Obtaining and interpreting trademark searches and assisting clients in developing trademark rights through first use and registration
  • Providing advice and strategy with respect to the use of unregistered trademarks and copyrights
  • Counseling regarding infringement of trademarks and copyrights

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