Business and Corporate

At Meissner Tierney, our business and corporate attorneys represent a wide range of closely-held businesses, large and small, in a variety of industries.  We provide top-quality comprehensive legal advice to business owners and are able to anticipate future needs by becoming familiar with each client’s industry, with the goal of creating a long-lasting, strategic relationship with each of our clients.

Our business attorneys regularly advise business owners at every stage of the business lifecycle. For example, when a client comes to us with little more than an idea for a new business, we know how to take the idea and create the legal framework to make it a reality.  This may include helping clients choose an appropriate business entity for the client’s purpose and business goals. In addition to this, we also work to address our client’s unique needs and ensure the legal work provides certainty and stability in the business’s operations.

As our clients navigate owning and operating a business, we are there each step of the way.  We often work with clients to assess legal risks in everyday business issues.  As the business grows, our business attorneys are here to help expand through acquisitions and mergers.  And, when the time comes to sell or transition the business, our attorneys are well-equipped to appropriately structure and handle these transactions to maximize the value to the business owners.

We take pride in our ability to stay at the forefront of business and corporate law and issues.  Many of our attorneys regularly speak on these topics and have served on committees tasked with drafting legislation to update Wisconsin’s business entity statutes.

Corporate Governance and Shareholder Agreements

During the early stages of a new business, owners often envision nothing but success and good relationships.  However, it is also at this time that owners, particularly those of closely held businesses, should address the sensitive and important issues of what will happen to the business if it fails or relationships sour.  Our attorneys recognize these issues and counsel closely held business owners on how to prepare for these contingencies in advance through the use of Bylaws and Shareholder Agreements (for corporations), Operating Agreements, and Member Agreements (for limited liability companies), and Partner Agreements (for partnerships).

Our attorneys also regularly advise closely-held business owners on their responsibilities to their businesses, such as the fiduciary duties of officers and directors of public and privately-owned companies and compliance with applicable governmental regulations on reporting and disclosure obligations.

Family Business and Succession Planning

Any time that a significant part of a family’s net worth is tied to the family business, many extremely important and sensitive issues lurk in the background that needs to be recognized and handled.  Our attorneys are particularly skilled at doing just this, by assisting in addressing estate planning issues for these business owners.  Our intimate familiarity with our client’s business allows us to assist in the preparation of estate and succession plans, which enable smooth transitions of the businesses and assets to the next generation.  This also allows us to continue to be a valuable resource during the transition and for the next generation for years to come.


For some entrepreneurs, purchasing a franchise may be a unique way to grow wealth or diversify business holdings.  Our business and corporate attorneys recognize the issues and challenges posed by owning a franchise and are experienced in reviewing franchise purchase agreements and pursuing such an endeavor.  We also advise clients on the complex issues relating to franchising their own businesses.

Hospitality Industry

Everyone enjoys fine dining, but the restaurant and hospitality industry presents its own distinct legal challenges. Our attorneys are experienced in recognizing and tackling these issues for our restaurant and hospitality clients. We regularly work with these clients on state regulation of hospitality facilities, endorsement deals and licensing, and other agreements, among the other unique issues that this industry poses.

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