Antitrust Law

Antitrust law operates to encourage fair competition in the marketplace by regulating anticompetitive conduct by businesses.  Examples of such behavior include price gouging, monopolization, predatory pricing, and refusal to deal.  The purpose of antitrust law is to promote important public policies, such as allowing entrepreneurs a fair opportunity to compete and safeguarding the interests of consumers in the marketplace.

Antitrust attorneys at Meissner Tierney Fisher & Nichols have considerable experience in advising its clients on a full range of civil antitrust matters such as compliance and enforcement, distribution practices, mergers and acquisitions, pricing policies, state antitrust laws, and unfair competition/trade practices.  We combine our knowledge of antitrust law with our litigation experience to arrive at the best possible outcomes for clients seeking to minimize or eliminate antitrust challenges.

Compliance and Enforcement

Our antitrust attorneys are well-versed in defending allegations of antitrust violations, such as restraint of trade, monopolization, and price discrimination.  We have successfully prosecuted antitrust claims on behalf of our clients to ensure that they have the opportunity to compete in the marketplace.  In addition, we have prepared antitrust compliance plans and programs and have conducted comprehensive antitrust audits for large and small companies.

Distribution Practices

Meissner Tierney has successfully developed business strategies and has helped implement effective plans, including minimum advertised price (“MAP”) policies, to reduce its clients’ antitrust exposure.  We have analyzed the antitrust implications of various resale restrictions, which include pricing, advertised pricing, and customer and territorial restraints imposed by suppliers or distributors.

Government Investigations

Our antitrust litigators are experienced in defending civil and criminal investigations by state and federal enforcement agencies, including allegations of collusion, bid-rigging, group boycotts, unlawful mergers and acquisitions, and failure to comply with other statutes and regulations.  Our experience in handling government investigations provides us with the knowledge to represent clients from the initiation of an investigation to trial and appeal, including negotiating with prosecutors on the production of evidence and plea bargains, when appropriate.

Pricing Policies

Attempts at Meissner Tierney regularly advise clients on the antitrust implications of various resale restrictions, including pricing, advertised pricing, and customer restraints.  Our attorneys have experience in litigating cases involving price-fixing, bid-rigging, market division, monopolization and attempted monopolization, group boycotts, tying, and exclusive dealing.  We have successfully litigated both civil and criminal antitrust cases.

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