Real Estate

At Meissner Tierney, our attorneys have recently handled some of the region's largest and most complex real estate transactions.  In addition to these large transactions, our firm routinely represents both purchasers and sellers of real estate, assisting in negotiation of the agreements and also ensuring that other aspects of such transactions (such as title insurance and recording) are appropriately addressed.  Our attorneys have experience advising clients on the complex legal issues that can arise form real property purchases, such as fraudulent transfer risks in a depressed sale and mitigating title risks in purchases out of foreclosure.  In fact, title companies will turn to our firm to analyze claims and, where necessary, litigate on their behalf.

Our firm also regularly represents commercial and residential landlords and commercial tenants in drafting and negotiating lease agreements.  Our attorneys can help clients not only negotiate standard lease provisions, but also provide advice regarding the more complex, and often underappreciated, aspects of  lease agreements, such as bankruptcy law considerations and risk allocation and insurance provisions.  

For some of our clients, real estate is their business.  In addition to the services described above, our attorneys have experience working with both commercial and government lenders to secure financing for our clients to help complete their real estate projects.  We also are well positioned to advise our real estate clients on broader matters relating to their organization, structure and business operations.

For many closely held businesses and individuals, real estate transactions are some of the most significant transactions they undertake.  Our attorneys can draw on their experience with a wide array of real estate matters to assist clients in getting their desired results while minimizing their expenses and liability risks. 



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