At Meissner Tierney our perspective is that employers are best served by fostering relationships with their employees based on mutual understanding and respect through clear and concise policies and procedures that defining the employment relationship.  We regularly work with closely held businesses to develop comprehensive employee handbooks that cover everything from straightforward overtime and vacation policies to cutting edge social media issues. 

In addition, employers have a myriad of obligations to their employees under state and federal law.  These obligations span a wide-range of topics, such as wage and overtime rules, family and medical leave obligations, and various anti-discrimination laws.  Our attorneys regularly advise clients on compliance with all of these and many other employment-related obligations. 

Though our main goal is the prevention of disputes between a business and its employees, we understand that even with well-developed policies and procedures in place, conflicts between businesses and their employees will inevitably occur.  We routinely handle all potential facets of these sensitive conflicts, including discipline and discharge, discrimination, retaliation and whistleblower claims, sexual harassment, and wrongful termination.  We also have significant experience representing both employers and employees before state and federal administrative agencies and courts.  This enables us to anticipate the other side’s positions and develop the best legal advice and arguments before ever reaching these adjudicative bodies, in the process achieving a favorable outcome for our clients, regardless of which side they are on.