Shareholder Adam Tutaj, a member of the State Bar of Wisconsin’s Taxation Law Section, authored an article for the Labor & Employment Law Blog titled “Tax Treatment of Settlements and Judgments in Employment Law Claims – Some Examples.”

Adam recently presented on the topic “Tax Treatment of Settlements and Judgments in Employment Law Claims” at the Labor & Employment Law Section CLE Luncheon. An outline of his presentation and introduction to the topic can be viewed at

As a supplement to his presentation, Adam provides three “real dollar” employment claim settlement scenarios and illustrates how alternative allocation models under each agreement can ultimately affect the taxation of the settlement claims.

To read the full article on the State Bar of Wisconsin’s Labor & Employment Law Blog, please click here.

Adam dedicates a substantial portion of his practices to business entity, tax, and health law. For more information on tax treatments in employment law claims, please contact Adam Tutaj at or call (414) 273-1300.