Our firm has experience representing both buyers and sellers with respect to many types of real estate, from single family homes to large downtown mixed-use developments.  For many of our closely held business clients, our attorneys’ in-depth understanding of the client’s business can help identify tax, liability or other considerations that impact  proposed real property transactions.  We also advise clients whose primary business is real estate development or ownership, and our attorneys are experienced with the acquisition, development, construction, leasing and sale of almost any type of real property, including office buildings, shopping centers, single-use commercial properties, residential and multifamily properties and mixed-use projects.  If requested, our attorneys can assist clients with any aspect of a real estate acquisition or sale, such as drafting or reviewing purchase agreements and/or tax allocation provisions, addressing title issues, advising on cancellation of indebtedness and other tax considerations, easements and property encumbrances and securing financing.