Attorney Mark Malloy to Present on Bad Faith Claims via the National Business Institute's Live Video Webcast

June 12, 2015

Join Mark Malloy for the National Business Institute’s live video webcast on Thursday, July 30th at 9:00 a.m. CST. The webcast, "Bad Faith Claims from A to Z” will help all interested attorneys, insurance professionals and paralegals gain knowledge and practical tips that can make any bad faith case a success.

Program Overview:
Augment your insurance knowledge with the cutting-edge, concrete skills you need to avoid traps and reach your goal in the next bad faith case. Whether you're counsel for the plaintiff, the defense, or are an insurance professional trying to prevent bad faith claims, you won't find instruction this practical anywhere else.

  • Get a crucial review of bad faith elements, the different types of claims and the remedies associated with them.
  • Clarify recent legislative acts and integrate new findings into your case to help you win.
  • Know exactly how to work with experts so they help - not hurt - your case.
  • Cover all the bases when requesting production of discovery - and get all the facts you need to support and prove your case.
  • Benefit from the speakers' extensive experience in choosing and deposing witnesses - learn what questions to ask to turn a witness into an advocate for your side.
  • Make ethics a non-issue in your practice by following accepted ethical tenets.

Course Content:

  1. Key Elements of a Bad Faith Claim
  2. Claim Denial: The Adjuster's Perspective
  3. Discovery of a Bad Faith Claim
  4. Emerging Issues and Current Law
  5. Achieving Effective Dispute Resolution to Avoid Litigation
  6. Negotiation and Litigation from Both Sides of the Table
  7. Ethical Traps of the Tripartite Relationship

Please visit for more information or click here to register. Participants are approved for 7.0 hours of CLE credit by the Board of Bar Examiners, including 1.0 hour of ethics and professional responsibility (EPR) credit.

Mark focuses a substantial portion of his practice on insurance coverage and extra-contractual litigation, including insurance bad faith. He can be reached at or by calling (414) 273-1300.