Meissner Tierney Attorneys Present at State Bar Institute

June 18, 2013

Read exerpts from the presentations by Attorneys Tom Nichols and Adam Tutaj in the "Institute's Insights" article here.

 Thomas Nichols Presents on the Revised Uniform Partnership Act

In reference to the Revised Uniform Partnership Act, Attorney Tom Nichols took part in a presentation entitled “Upcoming Changes in Wisconsin Partnership Law: The Revised Uniform Partnership Act” at the State Bar’s Real Estate & Business Law Institute on June 13, 2013. Along with the other members of the committee, Attorney Nichols presented on the updating of Wisconsin’s partnership statutes and discussed how a revised Chapter 178 is likely to affect Wisconsin businesses and practitioners, including new rules relating to apparent authority, rights upon dissociation, dissolution and limited liability partnerships.

Randal Brotherhood Presents on Professional Registration in Investment-Related Transactions

Attorney Randal Brotherhood presented “Licensing Issues for Finders in Securities Offerings, Solicitors for Investment Advisers, and Others Paid in Securities – Related Transactions: A Dialogue with the Wisconsin Securities Administrator” at the State Bar’s Real Estate and Business Law Institute on June 14, 2013. In reference to the changes in the Wisconsin Uniform Securities Act and corresponding DFI regulations, this presentation focused on professional registration and other regulatory considerations for “finders” in investment-related transactions and also included a discussion of exemptions from licensing requirements.

Adam Tutaj and Joshua Cannon Present on Next-Generation LLC Statute

In connection with their work on the State Bar Business Law Section’s Subcommittee on LLCs, Adam Tutaj and Josh Cannon took part in a presentation entitled “The Revised Uniform Limited Liability Act: A Proposal for Wisconsin” at the State Bar’s Real Estate & Business Law Institute on June 13, 2013.  Along with other members of the Subcommittee, Attorneys Tutaj and Cannon covered the Subcommittee’s proposal to amend and restate Chapter 183 of the Wisconsin statutes by adopting the Revised Uniform Limited Liability Act, or “RULLCA,” with certain revisions intended to preserve certain key aspects of current Wisconsin law. 



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