The rise of technology has brought with it a host of new legal issues, and Meissner Tierney is on the forefront in responding to those issues and devising strategies for advancing business in an increasingly technological world.  Many software and technology companies—from start-up entrepreneurs to large developers and producers—have sought Meissner Tierney’s guidance on various technology-related issues.  Oftentimes, the technology is the company, and Meissner Tierney has vast experience in protecting that technology.  The software and technology attorneys at Meissner Tierney have significant experience in negotiating and drafting a wide array of technology-related agreements, including software and other licenses, consulting agreements, distribution agreements and teaming agreements, and they do so all with the understanding of the importance of protecting their clients’ intellectual property and investments.  Meissner Tierney also has extensive experience in defending rights to technology in contentious matters—from negotiating, litigating and arbitrating disputes among potential owners to aggressively pursuing infringement and other unauthorized use.

In addition to issues relating to intellectual property, Meissner Tierney offers its software and technology clients a wide array of complementary transactional services.  Meissner Tierney helps start-ups organize their companies and advises existing companies as to various day-to-day legal matters, such as creating noncompetition agreements with key personnel and government regulatory compliance.  It also helps owners of technology companies with their succession and estate planning, allowing them to secure their investments for future generations, and works extensively in the area of mergers and sales of technology companies, allowing the owners of the technology to monetize their accomplishments.

Meissner Tierney offers all of the legal services necessary to turn your technological innovations into viable businesses.  Please contact one of Meissner Tierney’s attorneys today to discuss your current needs.