Restaurants, bars and other businesses involved in the food and beverage industry face various legal challenges.  Some of these challenges include, for example, securing and maintaining valid liquor licenses and other required licenses and permits and addressing various employment related matters, including employee benefit, minimum wage and employment litigation.  At Meissner Tierney, our attorneys have developed significant experience in addressing these and the other recurring legal issues faced by clients in the food and beverage industry.

We also utilize our considerable experience assisting small and mid-size businesses of all types to assist prospective restaurant and bar owners in organizing their business, securing financing, negotiating their initial leases and other contracts, securing trademark and other intellectual property protections and various tax issues, among others.  Consistent with our other practice areas, our focus is on developing long-term relationships and advising our clients on not only the immediate impact of the business and legal decisions, but also the long-term and more global consequences of such decisions.