We are pleased to share that Shareholder Mark Malloy and Attorney Steven Miracle received 7th Circuit Court of Appeals affirmance of a federal district court’s grant of summary judgment on a business defamation case. The case, Next Technologies Inc., v Beyond the Office Door, LLC, involved allegations of tortious interference of contract and defamation arising out of alleged false product reviews posted by our clients.  Our clients denied all material allegations on the basis that all statements were true and supported by concurrent testing.  In addition, Attorneys Malloy and Miracle argued that there was no legal basis for the claims under Wisconsin law.  After significant discovery, MTFN moved for summary judgment arguing that the claims were not recognized by Wisconsin law, and even if they were, Plaintiff was a “limited person public figure” as it pertained to the reviews, thus requiring a showing of actual malice.  The district court granted MTFN’s motion and dismissed the case in its entirety.  On appeal, the 7TH Circuit affirmed the dismissal, finding that the claim as presented was not recognized by Wisconsin law.

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