Our Approach

“We rely on the attorneys at Meissner Tierney because they approach issues with not only a thorough understanding of the law, but also keen business savvy. They are attentive, responsive and committed.”

-Carol Halley
Associate General Counsel
for Employment Practices,
Patterson Companies, Inc.

It has been said that "discipline" means doing what has to be done, when it has to be done, as well as it can be done—and doing it that way all the time.  So is the method by which the attorneys at Meissner Tierney practice law and advocate on behalf of our clients. 

We combine that discipline with intellect, ethics and professionalism, all to best determine our clients' options under the law and then effectively implement the resulting strategy.  This is true in all contexts, whether working on behalf of our clients in commercial or personal transactions, or protecting our clients' interests in litigation.

Our disciplined approach inevitably results in long-term relationships with our clients.  This approach is also consistent with providing high-quality legal service, as the attorneys involved tend to be intimately familiar with the client and his or her needs and motivations.  While individual relationships with clients are valued, there are often situations where clients are better served by having numerous contacts and relationships among members of the firm.  Those determinations are always made based on the clients' best interests.

Our attorneys focus on honing and developing the skills necessary to serve the firm's diverse client base.  This necessarily means that our attorneys develop expertise in several areas of the law and have the capacity to work effectively in numerous areas, all without sacrificing quality.  Above all else, our attorneys' skill lies in our ability to adapt to our clients' needs and to achieve results serving their best interests.

In all, we derive independent satisfaction out of doing a good job for our clients.  Despite the time and emotional commitment that comes with a truly disciplined law practice, all of our attorneys are dedicated to—and enjoy—our approach.  This is obviously to the benefit of our clients.