Real Estate Financing

Our attorneys have represented both lenders and borrowers with respect to real estate transactions and have experience securing financing in complex and non-traditional situations. 

For borrowers, we can help clients evaluate the tax considerations and risks associated with different funding sources and transaction structures.  Our experience representing private lenders helps us advise borrowers with respect to bank and other private financing.  Our firm can also provide clients with information regarding the various federal and state programs and agencies that may be available as a source of financing.  If a client utilizes one of these government financing options, our firm has experience navigating the various provisions and requirements of many of these programs.  Our firm also provides, both as lead and local counsel, opinion letters when requested by commercial and government lenders.  Finally, our firm’s real estate and tax expertise can help clients restructure and refinance their obligations in both distressed and non-distressed situations.

For lenders, we can help ensure that under Bankruptcy and other applicable law the lender is entitled to the security that the lender anticipants when making the loan.  In the event of a default, our firm has experience representing lenders in enforcing their rights with respect to real property, including obtaining temporary restraining orders, the appointment of receivers and the sale of the property through foreclosure.