Products Liability and Torts

Tort law provides a private means for individuals and businesses to be compensated—or “made whole”—for damages that they suffer as a result of a wrongful act committed by another individual or business.  Generally speaking, tort law operates to compensate a party that has sustained bodily injury, property damage or damage to their reputation.

Meissner and Tierney has a long history of successfully representing businesses and individuals in a wide array of tort cases.  Instead of specializing in any one area of tort law, we pride ourselves in our ability to handle all types of complex cases.  From litigating multi-million dollar actions involving environmental pollution to defending local politicians against defamation lawsuits, our well-rounded approach gives us the unique ability to analyze cases from all angles.  Most importantly, this strategy adds substantial value to the representation that we provide our clients because our diverse experience allows us to thoroughly evaluate the strengths and weaknesses of each case.  By advising our clients of all potential outcomes, we can confidently and efficiently find solutions to the difficult legal challenges that our clients regularly encounter.



Representative Matters