Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers and acquisition ("M&A") transactions are often some of the biggest deals in a company’s life.  Whether representing the buyer or the seller, our attorneys regularly advise closely held business owners on all aspects and types of these transactions.  Our intimate familiarity with our clients’ businesses enables us to structure the deal in order to best achieve the client’s goals.  As a result of our diverse practice, we can provide quality advice on all aspects of the transaction, including financing, environmental matters, and various issues relating to antitrust, human resources, real estate, intellectual property, corporate governance and indemnification.

Our firm has considerable experience advising businesses on the tax aspects of acquisitions, mergers and sales, both taxable and tax-free.  We have particular experience regarding “cross-species” mergers—or mergers between different legal entities—as our firm was involved in drafting the Wisconsin statutes governing these transactions.  When appropriate, our attorneys have utilized sophisticated and creative structures and transactions so that our clients achieve the desired business results at the lowest possible tax cost.  Given the long-term focus of our firm’s client relationships, we are attuned not only to the immediate tax consequences of a given transaction, but also the long-term tax consequences and liabilities often accompany significant business transactions. 

Beyond the business side of things, we advise clients regarding potential litigation concerns with M&A transactions.  We have extensive experience in advising our clients in the purchasing, selling, dividing and combining of different companies and various other entities to avoid violating federal and state antitrust laws.  And if lawsuits arise, we are equipped to protect our clients' interests in that setting.