Estate Planning

At Meissner Tierney, our estate and succession planning attorneys represent a wide spectrum of clients.  They range from individuals and families with substantial net worth to couples just starting a family and everyone in between, including individuals with uncommon planning needs.  Like other areas of our practice, we take great pride in understanding each client’s unique situation and crafting a plan specifically tailored to that situation.  We also have substantial experience administering trusts and estates, both large and small, complex and straightforward.  This experience serves as useful guidance in drafting estate plans and documents that implement the appropriate level of sophistication without being unnecessarily complicated.

Consistent with our focus on providing comprehensive legal advice to our closely held business clients, a large amount of our estate planning work is done for the owners of these closely held businesses.  Our attorneys are particularly skilled in recognizing and handling the extremely important and sensitive issues that exist when a significant part of the net worth of a family or individual is tied to the family business.  In these circumstances, in addition to more-common estate planning considerations, careful thought is given to business transition, succession planning and similar matters.  Our intimate familiarity with our clients’ businesses (and, often times, family dynamics) allows us to assist in the preparation of estate and succession plans which enable a smooth transition of the business or its assets to the next generation.  This same intimate familiarity also allows us to continue to be a valuable resource during the transition and for the next generation for years to come.