Construction Defects Litigation

During or after the construction of a building or other structure, disputes frequently arise between developers, builders, property owners, general contractors, subcontractors and their respective insurers over the defective construction of the property or its subparts.  Examples of such defects include or relate to defective materials, specification and design error, mold, change orders, negligent inspection and leaks caused by improperly installed roofs, fenestrations and flashings.  Construction defect law is geared toward determining the parties’ respective responsibilities, if any, for damages resulting from these defects.

Meissner Tierney has handled numerous lawsuits involving all types of construction defects.  Among other types of properties, we have extensive experience in litigating issues arising from defects in multi-family housing, parking decks, exterior stucco walls, performance and payment bonds, membrane roofs and underground natural gas pipelines.  This experience has provided our attorneys with the requisite knowledge and skill to successfully analyze and understand the complex technical issues that construction defect litigation typically entails.  Given this background, we are able to assist our clients in reaching the most beneficial result in the most cost-effective manner.



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